Death On The Nile – Show Us Your Best Poirot

This Thursday 10 December 2015 we will be releasing Johnny Dombrowski‘s homage to the film adaptation of Agatha Christie‘s classic whodunnit “Death On The Nile“. Johnny has very cleverly peppered 8 clues within the illustration, some obvious, others more cryptic, which will help Hercule Poirot solve the mystery. Can you spot them all?

The first person to point out the 8 clues, or the person with the most correct guesses by Thursday at 2.59pm GMT will win a free copy of the Death On The Nile screenprint. We will announce the winner on our Twitter account one minute before the prints go on sale.

To enter, simply e-mail your answers to: with the subject line “GO TO BED JACKIE”. You can enter as many times as you need up until the deadline. Good luck!

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Death On The Nile Johnny Dombrowski

Yuko Shimizu

As one of the most talented and successful illustrators alive, Yuko Shimizu (清水裕子) commands respect and admiration, both through her illustration work and her unassailable personality. Despite spending countless hours teaching illustration to new generations of artists and travelling far and wide to give lectures and workshops around the world Yuko Shimizu is able to produce a constant stream of impeccable work for clients ranging from DC Comics to The New Yorker and The Criterion Collection, earning her awards left right and center in the process; and yet, judging by the pictures on her social media sites, somehow managing to produce the most delicious looking dishes known to man on a daily basis. Rumour has it that her pet dog Bruiser does most of the work but this is unsubstantiated.


Yuko took an atypical path into illustration. Born into a society which puts undue emphasis on following the more orthodox career choices, she studied advertising and marketing at Waseda University before taking a job in corporate PR in Tokyo. Unfulfilled and unhappy after spending over a decade within The Matrix, Ms Shimizu left everything behind and moved to New York in 1999 to study art at the School of Visual Arts for the first time at age 34 where she graduated with excellence and would later join the teaching staff.


Yuko Shimizu usually begins an image on paper on gel pen to define the composition before going to work on the linework using traditional Japanese brush techniques. A scan of the illustration is then moved into photoshop where she applies her sublime colour palettes. You can see an example of her process at the end of this post, taken from our first release with her.

Progress 2

Progress 1

Progress 3


Yuko Shimizu’s Pierrot Le Fou goes on sale this Tuesday July 28th at 3pm BST from our shop. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own a lushly produced limited edition hand-pulled screenprint from one of the most revered illustrative artists working anywhere in the world.



Jacob’s Ladder by Randy Ortiz

Jacob’s Ladder is one of our favourite movies so we are very excited to be able to release this licensed poster by Randy Ortiz inspired by Adrian Lyne’s classic psychological horror masterpiece. Our gratitude goes to StudioCanal for the opportunity.

The stunning visual representation of Jacob’s oppressive mental state has been greatly enhanced by D&L’s outstanding screen printing work, and the use of quasi-fluorescent inks in the regular edition, and of metallics in the variant, really take these posters to whole new levels of madness.

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18″ x 24″
6-colour hand-pulled screen print
100lb Lynx Opaque
Signed & numbered. Edition of 200
Printed by D&L


18″ x 24″
6-colour hand-pulled screen print
100lb Lynx Opaque
Signed & numbered. Edition of 50
Printed by D&L

Aguirre by Nicolas Delort

We’ve once again teamed up with Nicolas Delort and Werner Herzog Films to bring to you this jaw-dropping re-imagined movie poster for Werner Herzog’s “Aguirre: The Wrath Of God”. Another show-stopper from Delort who has created a beautiful follow-up to “Nosferatu The Vampyre”.

The edition consists of two separate versions. The Regular version: with credits in English and limited to 200 copies; and the Variant: with gold accents, credits in German and limited to just 50 copies. The credit blocks in both are printed with metallic gold ink. Our gratitude go to Nicolas Delort for his amazing work and to Werner Herzog and his team for the opportunity.

We will be selling the posters very soon.
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BDP009: “Aguirre, Der Zorn Gottes” by Nicolas Delort


 BDP010: “Aguirre, Der Zorn Gottes” by Nicolas Delort


Murder On The Orient Express by Johnny Dombrowski

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its release we invited New York illustrator Johnny Dombrowski to create this stunning poster for the film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s iconic whodunnit “Murder On The Orient Express”. Available to buy now from our shop.

In the spirit of this star-studded classic Johnny Dombrowski has cleverly peppered his illustration with a number of clues — plus a red herring or two — detective Hercule Poirot encounters during his investigation. Can you spot them all?

The print comes in two glorious large-format versions. The regular is a 5-colour 24″ x 36″ hand pulled screenprint on 270gsm archival paper and comes hand numbered and stamped in an edition of just 110 copies.


The variant includes metallic silver ink and comes in an even smaller edition of just 50 copies, all hand numbered and also stamped on the back with the artists’ signature.


The posters are on sale NOW via our shop.


Nosferatu by Nicolas Delort

We’re very excited to reveal the first ever release for Black Dragon Press in association with Werner Herzog films. It’s an alternative 18″ x 24″ movie poster for the haunting epic Nosferatu The Vampyre by Nicolas Delort.

Canadian and French (not to be confused with French-Canadian!) illustrator Nicolas Delort grew up in the Ontario wilderness before moving to France as a teenager. After studying illustration in Lyon, he moved back to the grey and rainy suburbs of Paris where he lives and works. Awards include a Society of Illustrators Gold Medal and more recently a Spectrum Fantasy Art Gold Medal for his cover of the novel The End of The Road. Clients include Blizzard Entertainment, Games Workshop, Solaris, Mondo and now Black Dragon Press.

The poster comes in two versions: a regular version, hand screen-printed on luxury paper in two colours and with the English credits in an edition of 200:


And a variant version, hand-screen printed in 4 colours and with the German credits in a super limited edition of 50:


Nicolas Delort illustrated these using his signature scratch technique on clayboard. You can see a progress video below.

The posters are now on sale in our shop!