The Witness
By George Bletsis

18″ x 24″ 6-colour screen print
270gsm Mohawk Superfine White paper
Hand numbered, gallery stamp on reverse
Printed by White Duck Screenprint
£30 Early Bird / £40 Standard

We're thrilled to release a brand new poster for The Witness by George Bletsis and approved by the game's creator, Jonathan Blow.

The Witness is one of the most original and beautiful gaming experiences of the last few years, mercilessly testing your puzzle solving skills within a brilliantly designed and jaw-dropping environment brimming with secrets and intrigue around every corner. Attempting to capture the essence of the game was a tough ask but George Bletsis has absolutely nailed it with his gorgeous and mysterious illustration

Expertly printed by hand onto museum quality paper this 6 colour screen print is certain to add beauty and interest to any discerning gamer's wall. Don't miss out!

On sale now

The Witness by George Bletsis is available now as a 72-hour timed pre-order (until Thursday September 29th at 6pm UK time) for just £30, after which time it will be available as a limited edition release for a standard price of £40. For this pre-order we're also giving a small discount on the shipping cost to help our overseas customers. The final edition number will be however many posters are sold in the initial 72 hours plus a small handful for people who may have missed the timed window.

“The Witness is a really visually impressive game, so it was quite daunting to try and design a poster that could live up to that. My main aim was to try and capture the eerie but beautiful atmosphere present in the game as well as an element of symbolism. I focused on the statues that are scattered throughout the island, added lots of vegetation because the game includes so many incredible landscapes, and tied it all together with the cable that guides us from puzzle to puzzle. I hope you’ll enjoy this poster as much as I enjoyed making it.” - George Bletsis

On sale now

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