‘Moondog's Lament’ <br>by Randy Ortiz

We're celebrating the life and work of one of the most fascinating figures in music with this stunning portrait of Louis Hardin Jr. aka 'Moondog' by Randy Ortiz. 'Moondog's Lament' is an 8 colour screenprint masterfully crafted by White Duck Editions, comes in a run of just 45 copies worldwide, and is available to purchase now in our shop.  

Blind since the age of 7, Moondog roamed the streets of New York for thirty years armed with a six-foot, steel-pointed spear, a horned, leather-embossed cap, and a long, wispy beard, earning him the nickname "The Viking of Sixth Avenue". On this street he would stand for hours on end gently drumming way on a number of homemade instruments and selling albums and hand-written poems to passers-by. 

To the whole of the public, he was nothing more than a nutty, homeless bearded curiosity. But unbeknownst to them, the Viking had record deals, had been covered by Janis Joplin, and had been endorsed by some of the world’s greatest composers. 

Moondog’s legacy is that of a man who endured through tough circumstances -- acquired blindness, homelessness, and prejudice -- to become who many would call one of the most talented and under-appreciated musicians of the 20th century. 

50 x 70cm (approx) Hand-Pulled Screen Print
300gsm Somerset Satin paper
Hand Numbered. Gallery stamp on the reverse
Printed by White Duck Editions
Limited Edition of 45

'Moondog's Lament' by Randy Ortiz is available now here until stocks last. 

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