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George Bletsis

Astrophytum asterias 'Super Kabuto'

Astrophytum asterias 'Super Kabuto'

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Fine art Giclée with screenprinted embellishments on Cotton Paper
Print size: 10" x 10"
Hand numbered
Limited edition of 60
Printed by White Duck Editions


Astrophytum asterias is a species of cactus native to small parts of Texas in the United States and Mexico. Common names include sand dollar cactus, sea urchin cactus, star cactus and star peyote. It has been a popular house plant since the 1840s and the popularity of this species among collectors and enthusiasts has ensured that a number of cultivars are available. One such cultivar is the 'Super Kabuto', a clonally propagated variety whose large trichomes congregate into dense spots, arranged in a striking pattern. 

Due to habitat loss Astrophytum asterias is now considered endangered in the USA. 

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