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Stan Manoukian

Born in 1969, Paris, France, Stan Manoukian is a veteran illustrator working in the comic book industry in France and the U.S and as a designer and story boarder for movies and commercials.

Vintage Science Fiction, Classic Monsters and Romantic writers like Edgar Poe, Lovecraft or Mary Shelley as well as Jules Verne or H.G. Wells filled his childhood and influenced him for ever, spending most of his time drawing strange creatures which look like a mix between aliens from outer space and Cthulhu's spawn. 

In 2006 he started to draw "A Monster A Day" as way to develop his own critter universe and the project grew bigger and bigger. Inspired by old books, dictionaries and old engraved plates and paintings owned by his father, he likes to represent his creatures in the manner of the old encyclopedias; indexing them, classifying them and describing them.